Calgary Speed Dating Events

Calgary Speed Dating Events

Hey Calgary Singles!

Flare Events is now hosting in-person speed dating events in Calgary! Join us for a fun singles event near you.

Calling all Calgary singles! Flare is thrilled to announce that we are expanding to the Calgary speed dating scene. We invite you to come join us and continue our brand of making speed dating more about the experiences and connections you make in the process. Our singles events in Calgary will offer premier speed dating at local venues that allow our guests to feel welcome to the unique fast-paced atmosphere.

Speed dating in Calgary is being restored with our tailored events of activities and icebreakers aim to ease the tension of speed dating clichés. Flare brings forth the ability for Calgary singles to meet people while creating memorable experiences, molding the way our guests form connections with one another. Hosting unique singles events in Calgary that are outside the norm of traditional speed dating is something we believe sparks a more captivating experience.


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Speed Dating Calgary Events!

Flare is working with local venues so that our Calgary speed dating events offer competitive rates while creating an atmosphere worth coming to for all invited ages! We always prioritize that the activity and venue are compatible with each other as it creates the perfect environment for attendees to relax and enjoy the event.

Our singles events in Calgary begin at a set time, where the guests have a brief period to settle in and get accustomed to the setting before our signature event starts. Flare aims to attract Calgary singles that want to forge meaningful connections with the intention of dating. Guests are encouraged to be punctual and keep the setting lighthearted and warm as well as make everyone feel comfortable at the time. Flare events are a place for decorum and treating everyone with respect, being gentlemanly and ladylike is very much welcomed.

Speed Dating Calgary Events

Flare brings a whole new level of intimacy to Calgary Speed dating as Flare keeps a well-balanced guest list.  Daters will never feel overwhelmed by the number of guests as we believe the quality of the company you keep is more important the quantity. The time spent among each other never feels rushed and everyone has a chance to get to know one another. We guarantee that you’ll never leave a Calgary singles event knowing you didn’t have a chance with the one (or more) potential matches!

Speed dating in Calgary is getting all Flared up! So come join the premier singles event that is taking Canada’s dating scene by storm and lighting the way for singles. Our upcoming events has been updated with details regarding single’s events in Calgary, so book your spot today and we look forward to seeing soon!

So… how does speed dating work?

Once everyone is in attendance and settled in, we like to start our Calgary speed dating events with a little ice breaker game to warm everyone up. Perhaps a bit of trivia or a game of two truths and a lie? It’s important to us that no two events are alike as our team constantly tries new games and ice-breakers at every event.

After the ice breakers are finished, let’s start the speed dating! You’ll be seated in front of a potential match with 8 minutes to get to know one another. Feel free to talk about whatever you want, but we always recommend you keep it lighthearted and professional (don’t do anything we wouldn’t do). Once time is up, the ladies remain seated and the gents move down a spot and take a seat at the table of their next potential match.

Remember to take time at the start of each date to write down your dater’s name and, at the end, mark off if you felt it was a good match or not. Once you’ve spoken to everyone, that’s it, you’re done—great job! Make sure your scorecard is filled out correctly, hand it back to our host, and leave the rest to us.

However, just because the event is over doesn’t mean your night has to be! Feel free to stay for a drink (or two). Kick back, relax, and maybe chat further with some of the other daters from our speed dating event. Within 72 hours you will hear back from us via email with exciting news about your potential matches from our speed dating event.

Calgary Singles Dating Events

Flare Events

What we are about

At Flare Events, inclusivity is important to us and we make it our mission to ensure every event is a safe space for all. Our team strives to make each and every speed dating event just as special as the next, with no two events alike. It’s our belief that just because you’re here to meet people, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice having a good time. We offer speed dating events in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and soon to be in other major cities in Canada! So do yourself a favor and attend a dating event with Flare!

Upcoming Calgary Speed Dating Events

April 14

Speed Dating
Ages 27-34

Bacchus – 270-14 Ave SE | 7:00PM

Early Bird Admission | $40

Regular Admission | $45

April 19

Speed Dating @ Zero Latency  
Ages 34-43

Zero Latency –  6940 Fisher Road | 7:00PM

Regular Admission | $70

April 26

Speed Dating
Ages 34-43

Bacchus – 270-14 Ave SE | 7:00PM

Early Bird Admission | $40

Regular Admission | $45