Best questions to ask at a speed dating event!

You’re at the speed dating event, you take a seat. On the other end of the table is a potential match. There are 8 minutes on the clock and counting. What do you say? What do you ask?? Here is our pick of some of the best speed date questions and topics to make use of your 8 minutes.

  • What do you do for work?
    • A great way to find out what your date is passionate about! 
  • Are you a good cook?
    • I mean who doesn’t love food! This also opens the floor to their favorite foods and maybe even a second date because now you have to try their food. 
  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
    • This is a great way to see if they’re more of a city or nature person and where they prefer to live in their day to day life.
  • What’s on your bucket list?
    • This opens the floor up to fun conversations and also gives you an idea of how compatible you may be! Maybe they’re adventurous like you or maybe they don’t like traveling but instead focus their time on fulfilling their career goals.
  • What are your hobbies or what’s one hobby you would love to start?
    • This is a great opportunity to learn what they love to spend their time on in their free time. If they answer with they don’t have any, or they don’t have time for any hobbies; they also may not have time for a relationship.
  • Favorite music genres?
    • Humans are beautifully complex creatures and depending on our moods we are likely to bounce more between genres than specific artists or bands.
  • Favorite TV shows, movies or books?
    • A classic topic and something that is easy to chat about, and hey you might even get some good Netflix recommendations! 
  • What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
    • Everyone has a story of their worst date and this is the perfect question to break the tension and it usually results in lots of laughs!

Flare Events is a Toronto speed dating events boutique. We live and have dated in Toronto, know the culture of the city and Toronto’s dating scene, and decided to create fun speed dating events that are fun and nurture genuine connection. Check our upcoming speed dating events here.

Spring Update 2022

Daters! As summer approaches, Flare events are ramping up for the season of fun and exciting date nights. Since the spring has begun, Flare has introduced various new dating events that change the way daters experience the world of speed dating.  Our events that have prioritized a lively and unique experience have created an environment where daters are able to connect with each other without judgment. We never want people to think that dating is a chore, so we made our events curated for the experience rather than just a way of meeting.

Our diversity in types of events we host has brought daters together in different ways, spanning from our new Axe Throwing events that has taken finding your “Battle-Axe” to another level with the excitement and thrill of going on an adventure with everyone around you. If you prefer your evenings to be a lot more relaxing, we hosted our very first movie date night as we take the classic date activity and mix it with our signature Flare spin on it. Flare feels that having the option to choose different types of events allows everyone to find the setting that they feel the most comfortable in or something they’ve always wanted to try.

Introducing our Beer Flight Date Nights alongside our Mixology events has created quite the buzz this spring. As we bring the fun of night life to the energy of speed dating a dynamic duo is created that further allows daters to relax and enjoy the ambience of the setting. Events for all age groups is what Flare has been striving to curate and perfect for our attendees. As Flare continues to think of new experiences for daters to try out, we always try to balance the event and the dating, so everyone feels that they had enough time to get to know one another.  

The summer of Flare is just beginning and we will be covering all our new events in monthly posts to show what we have to offer to daters. We always love to hear from our attendees and how much success they’ve found with Flare, so always let us know what we mean to you at events and on social media. So let’s all get Flared up this summer and have an experience daters will never forget. Our upcoming events page is always being updated with new events, we hope to see you at one of them!