Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Why attend a Flare event?
At Flare, we understand how difficult and stressful dating can be. Our events are designed to remove the tension and make dating easier with fun activities and icebreakers.

What kind of people can I expect to meet at a Flare event?
Our events are designed for people who are swipe fatigued and tired of the games. Our attendees are serious about dating. Our daters have a sense of adventure and are searching for a bold new way to meet other singles in their area—while also having a good time.

What cities do you run events in?
Right now we currently run events in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. We hope to one day be able to run events Canada wide.

Do you vet your attendees?
Vetting is not something we practice as we strongly believe everyone deserves an opportunity. Our events are run in inclusive safe spaces with a zero tolerance for any negative behavior.

What if I meet someone who isn’t being a team player?
We have less than zero tolerance for any behavior that is upsetting or discomforting. If you experience troubling behavior from a fellow dater, please notify the event host so they can deal with the situation accordingly.

What can I expect if an event is postponed or rescheduled?
Should an event need to postponed or rescheduled as a result of circumstances beyond our control (such as inclement weather, a quick succession of last minute cancellations, etc) a new event date will be put in place and your ticket will automatically be transferred over.

Should you be unavailable on the new event date we will be more than happy to transfer your ticket to another date or keep your ticket on file for another event at a later date. There are no refunds.

I can’t attend an event anymore, how do I cancel?
We do our very best to make it clear beforehand that we are unable to offer full refunds on tickets once they are purchased. If you are no longer able to attend an event we can transfer the ticket to another date or keep it on file for the future, however we require at least 24 hour notice. Any requests made after the 24 hour mark we will not be able to accommodate.

If you need to cancel or reschedule, you can reach us at flareevents.to@gmail.com

Event FAQs

What makes a Flare event so unique?
Our events are designed to cut the tension and stress dating brings, and make dating fun! Each of our events has a unique ice breaker portion and activity, something that only Flare events offers.

What is a Flare activity event?
Activity events are something entirely unique to Flare events. Where most speed dating events just focus on the mixing & mingling and then the actual speed dating, these special events offer an actual hands on activity to warm you up and break the ice with your fellow daters.

How do I reserve my place?
It’s simple! Check out the events listed on our website’s Event page, social media, or on our Eventbrite page. Find a date and location that works for you and purchase a ticket. You will receive a confirmation email with all the information you need. Happy dating!

What happens if the event is sold out?
We certainly wish we could host events with unlimited singles, however, every event has a limited number of seats available to ensure the best experience for everyone in attendance. If you wish to be added to a waitlist for an event, please email us at flareevents.to@gmail.com for Toronto, flareevents.ot@gmail.com for Ottawa, and flareevents.va@gmail.com for Vancouver for a spot on our waitlist. Our team is here to accommodate.

Can I return for free if I don’t get a match at an event?
While we can’t guarantee you’ll get a match, we can promise that you’re always welcome to come to another one of our events! In the event you don’t receive a match, we send a discount code so you can come back and meet a whole new pool of daters!

I am older or younger than your age ranges—can I still attend?
Our events are designed so people can meet within their respective age groups, but we have a leeway of 2 years above and below the mentioned age range. For anything beyond that we ask you to consider attending another event.  If you don’t see an age range that is suitable for you, please check back or let us know.

Can I expect an even number of males to females at an event?
While we do our very best to ensure an exactly even number, last minute ticket purchases, cancellations, and no shows are beyond our control which can result in slightly off balanced ratios.

When it happens, it simply means that either the men or women have brief moment to take a breather during the event. This is the perfect opportunity to grab another drink, visit the bathroom or prepare some talking points for the next date.

Digital Speed Dating FAQs

How does a digital speed dating event work? Is it different from your in-person events?
It’s a similar format to our in-person events—just from the comfort of your own home. But don’t be afraid to dress up! Once all the daters have entered the virtual room, we like to start off with an ice breaker to warm everyone up. Afterwards, your host will begin to move daters two at a time into their own private room where they can get to know each other. The host will rotate the group every 8 minutes—you’ll get a chance to meet everyone!

Will I be on my own or will there be a host there to assist me?
Fear not! Once you enter the first virtual room, there will be a Flare Events host there to answer any questions and facilitate the event.

Can I attend via a mobile phone, tablet, or computer?
Of course! Any device is perfectly fine as long as you have your microphone and camera settings enabled.