Edmonton Speed Dating Events

Single in Edmonton? We got you!

Join us at one of our acclaimed Edmonton speed dating events! Featured on Global News and CTV, our fun in-person speed dating events offer a vibrant atmosphere. Discover new experiences, meet new people, and spark meaningful connections at our next event!

At Flare, our passion lies in creating unforgettable in-person dating experiences in Edmonton. Our goal is to offer unique one-night adventures that break free from traditional speed dating clichés. With an energetic, exciting, and fast-paced dynamic, our speed dating events for Edmonton singles are all about fostering genuine connections.

In-person speed dating is far more than just going through the motions with bland, forced conversation. It’s about creating meaningful experiences!

Our singles events are thoughtfully structured to provide attendees with an opportunity to meet new people and have a blast while doing it. By the end of the event, you may even walk away with newfound insights about yourself!

To top it off, we offer competitive rates and collaborate with local Edmonton venues to ensure an engaging atmosphere, delectable food, and a wide drink selection.


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Our first-hand experience with dating in the city means we know just the right places to make your experience truly exceptional. Join us now and discover the magic of our speed dating events in Edmonton!

Here’s all you need to know about our thrilling in-person speed dating events in Edmonton: Start by securing your ticket from the list of speed dating events below. Once your purchase is processed, expect a confirmation email from our team—be sure to keep an eye on your inbox! On the day of the speed dating event, prepare your best outfit and some talking points (remember, first impressions matter). Arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the event begins, and our friendly host will be there to check you in and provide you with a scorecard.

Take the first quarter of the event to sit back, relax, and mingle with the other guests. We also encourage you to head to the bar and grab a drink during this time (a little liquid confidence never hurts).

edmonton speed dating events

So… how does a Flare event work?

Once everyone is present and settled in, we kick off our Edmonton speed dating events with an engaging ice breaker game to warm up the atmosphere. Whether it’s a bit of trivia, a round of ‘two truths and a lie,’ or another exciting game/activity, we aim to ensure each event is distinctive, always introducing new ice-breakers.

After the ice breakers, let the speed dating begin! You’ll be seated in front of a potential match, with 8 minutes to get to know each other. Feel free to discuss anything you like, but we always recommend keeping it lighthearted and professional (avoiding anything we wouldn’t do). Once the time is up, the host will direct the switching of pairs, and you’ll start conversing with your next potential match.

Be sure to take a moment at the beginning of each date to write down your dater’s name and, at the end, mark if you felt it was a good match or not. Once you’ve spoken to everyone, that’s it, you’re done—fantastic job! Make sure your scorecard is correctly filled out, hand it back to our host, and leave the rest to us.

However, just because the event is over doesn’t mean your night has to end! Feel free to stick around for a drink (or two). Relax, unwind, and perhaps continue chatting with some of the other daters from our speed dating event. Within 48 hours, you will receive an email from us with exciting news about your potential matches from the speed dating event.

Flare Events

What we are about

At Flare Events, inclusivity is of utmost importance, and we make it our mission to ensure that every event serves as a safe space for all participants. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to make each speed dating event unique and special, ensuring that no two are alike. We firmly believe that the pursuit of meeting new people shouldn’t come at the expense of having a good time. With speed dating events in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and other major cities across Canada, why not do yourself a favor and attend a dating event with Flare?

Upcoming Edmonton Speed Dating Events

July 31

Speed Dating
Ages 34-43


Email flareevents.va@gmail.com for waitlist details.

Johnnie Fox’s Pub – 1601 Main St | 7:00PM

Early Bird Admission | $40

Regular Admission | $45

August 10

Speed Dating
Ages 27-36

Paddlewheeler Pub – 810 Quayside Dr. | 7:00PM

Early Bird Admission | $40

Regular Admission | $45

August 21

Speed Dating
Ages 20-29


Email flareevents.va@gmail.com for waitlist details.

Johnnie Fox’s Pub – 1601 Main St | 7:00PM

Early Bird Admission | $40

Regular Admission | $45